Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Here are two new paintings.

The upper painting is a 2 x 4 foot re-imagining of our East Coast/West Coast lives; the left side is a calm Connecticut Inn's riverbank, with an Ingres odalisque looking back, and the right is the stirred-up foam of the Carmel-By-The Sea ocean. It is called "The Lieutenant River (Connecticut) and The Coast at Carmel (California)." This is the painting I was fixing yesterday (see below). The second, lower image (which looks bigger, but is actually 16 x 20"!!) takes off from a Lucian Freud painting of Leigh Bowery, with a touch of Jasper Johns on the side. I was trying to take Leigh out into the countryside, instead of having him posing in a corner of a London studio. It is called "Lucian, Leigh and Jasper." [It has been changed... see my portfolio of paintings for work completed in September 2011].

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